Below you will find some examples of my work within graphic design. I am currently self taught and decided it would be another fun creative project to build!


It’s a little known fact that I love my sneakers, so what better than to have them as focal points in my designs.

Affirmations and Quotes

I love an affirmation or a quote, yes they can be known for being ‘cheesy’ but if you really lean into them, especially during practices like yoga or meditation – the benefits can be so rewarding.

Words are so powerful.

The Planet & Sustainability

Sustainability and the planet are things I am very passionate about. I believe everyone should spend time educating themselves on these topics. Creating short eye catching graphics is a great way to send out a big messages, which would then hopefully lead the consumer to research further.

Remember nobody can be 100% sustainable but we can all make small changes 💚

Let’s build something together!