Kats Korner

Kats Korner is my latest creative outlet, executed through the craft of punch needling. I can’t remember where and how I first discovered punch needling, but I do know it was during the great lockdown of 2020.
The name Kats Korner came about quite simply. My full name is Kathryn, shortened is Kat (which also links to my obsession with cats).

The “Korner” part is a reflection of where I first set up my little punch needle station – In a corner of my hallway. Changing the C to a K to match Kathryn and thus giving you Kats Korner. I also wanted a name that wasn’t bound to just one thing, one craft, one product. But something that could relate to any creative venture I wished to pursue.

Punch needling is basically created by using a hollow needle tool and yarn, which is “punched” through holes in woven fabric, to create loops that come together to form a design with a rug-like appearance. There are many different tools that can be used, I am currently experimenting with a wooden punch needle tool and therefore creating all my pieces solely by hand. Another way of creating the art pieces is by using a tufting gun (which no doubt you’ve seen a lot of on social media). This is something I wish to invest in, in the near future.

Here is an example of me using a wooden punch needle tool to create a commissioned piece.

When it comes to showcasing my art work, I do this via Instagram and Tik Tok. But I am also looking to add a section on-to this website.

Below is a few examples of my work.

Kathryn Cave

26... Documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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