Hi, Me Again…

I would start by saying. “Hey I’m back” but my ability to be consistent is terrible at the moment. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a lack of motivation or if it’s because I always have so many ideas and things I want to complete, that I feel overwhelmed, not sure where to start and therefore end up doing nothing.

But for now, in regards to my website, I’ve had a little logo update, made things seem a little more consistent and added some new widgets.

Since I last posted on here… Which I believe was early 2021. I found myself a new hobby in the form of punch needling, at the moment I work on a small scale of rugs, coasters and wall hangings but I am planning to move onto much larger pieces. You can read more about this in my introduction blog post here.

So hello again and keep your eyes peeled for more posts.


Kathryn Cave

26... Documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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