Sustainable Streetwear!


Yes Tracksuitbae Studio is finally here with the first collection ‘Ozone‘. 🌊

Tracksuitbae Studio is a sustainable streetwear brand which is owned by Tracksuitbae – a designer and content creator from London. In her own words Tracksuitbae Studio is here to bring you the option to “make an impact on this world and look damn good doing it!” “By using recycled fabrics and ethical manufacturing practices to create unique streetwear items” 🐬

For anyone that goes looking for a more sustainable option when it comes to fashion, knows that it isn’t easy to find products that are ‘trendy?’ For me It isn’t very easy to find brands that are based around providing sustainable streetwear. But Tracksuitbae Studio is definitely bringing some fire products. Also to keep the brand sustainable, drops will be small and limited to avoid waste and overproduction, therefore you better get in there quick! 🦋

Kathryn Cave

26... Documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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