IG Feed Tips

So I gave you tips for growing you IG story reach, time to bring the IG feed tips! There are many tips and I shall try and keep them as short and informative as possible.

A few quick pointers

  • Post daily
  • Reply to DM’s (check message requests also)
  • You can tag up to 20 accounts on a SINGLE post. But when posting a carousel, spread the tags out I tend to tag less accounts. If you try and post a carousel and it just never uploads it’s normally because you’ve tried tagging too many accounts to just one post within the carousel (I hope that makes sense).

Beating the algorithm is basically up to you to keep your followers on the app, this will make the algorithm favour you and therefore make Instagram show your content to a bigger audience.


That little bookmark icon? Use it when you see a post you like, add it to a relevant folder (If you press and hold the icon you can directly pick a folder to save it to). Saves seem to be a feature that many creators are really emphasising at the moment, therefore I am assuming Instagram is favouring those accounts who receive many saves.

P.S. If you’re a creator remind you followers to save your post If they find it of value, leave a friendly note in your caption.


When followers swipe through your carousels post this counts as engagement. BUT I have heard that hashtags aren’t as affective with carousels over single posts, I haven’t seen an issue but this is something you can check in your insights of each post.


When followers click ‘read more’ on your caption this tells IG that they’re interested and want to see more of your content. Make sure whatever is shown above the read more option is captivating and interesting. Make you followers WANT to read more.


For creators – Spend time after you’ve posted a new post to reply to comments, ask follow up questions and really engage with your followers. Build a relationship and make yourself come across as relatable and human.

For followers – Don’t just comment some emojis on a post you like, this doesn’t help engagement. Read the caption and respond to that, maybe ask a question. Just make sure you’re writing at least a sentence, show IG this content is worth pushing.


So the newest feature is reels. Do not disregard any new feature IG brings out.

Remember that each social media is competing to keep you on their app, therefore if they bring out a new feature and you use it? You’ll be favoured by the algorithm.

Also If you’re a creative see any new feature as a way to broaden and test your creativity!


Ohhhh hashtags.

So you’re allowed a total of 30 hashtags on each post. Unlike with stories where you can post broad popular hashtags, with a feed post you need to be a lot more niche. Have a variety of popularity and stay clear of the hashtags with millions of posts as they’re oversaturated and your post will get lost. If you’re struggling, it’s best to have at least 15 decent hashtags than trying to fill the full 30 just for the sake of it.

Also be aware of BANNED hashtags. Some banned hashtags of 2020 include….

Actually you know what, I’ll link this website that explains it very well.

Now most people will tell you to post your hashtags in the comments as this keeps your caption clean and clear for you followers…. What I do is use this website to add line brakes between my caption and hashtags so they’re hidden ish. Then the next thing I personally do is after a few days, cut the hashtags out of the caption and post them in the comments. This is something I have done for a while because apparently it helps to give that post a re-boost. I’ve noticed it does work on a small scale, occasionally – be aware of potential shadow banning when doing repetitive behaviour.


“Dollar Eighty is an Instagram growth strategy formulated by world-leading marketer Gary Vaynerchuk. He suggests leaving your 2 cents (opinion) on 9 posts for 10 different hashtags.

0.02(cents) x 9(posts) x 10(hashtags) = $1.80″ – Dollar Eighty

To make your life easier there is a google chrome extension from DollarEighty.com that puts this all in one place – I use the free version.

Another thing to do is to engage with at least 5 new accounts prior to posting your own content.


When you’re posting an image you can click the ‘advanced settings’ at the bottom and then write alt text, or you can go back on a photo after posting click ‘edit’ and then click ‘Edit Alt Text’ which is at the bottom right of your image.

Alt text is simply a very specific description of the image you have posted, written in sentences and not paragraphs, using key words. It’s important to note that IG will automatically add alt text if you don’t, using image recognition technology to guess your image. So if I was you, I’d do the work for IG just in case they are very inaccurate.

Alt text is useful for a few different reasons. P.S. DON’T just repost your caption.

  1. It helps those who are visually impaired to understand your image and gain more context. This makes your content a lot more accessible to even more people. Also include any colours or text that’s within your image
  2. If someone has slow internet alt text will describe the image before it loads.
  3. It helps the instagram algorithm (with it’s image recognition technology) to identify your content and then push it to more like minded people who’d be interested in seeing your content.
  4. Apparently it also helps grow your Instagram via Google through SEO (search engine optimisation) This is a strategy people use to grow online. In terms of IG and alt text, use keywords – think about what people would try into google to see your image. Doing this could mean your image goes viral!


If you have a business or creator account you’re able to check your insights under each single post or in your settings.

Through here you can see things such as what time of day most of you followers engage with your posts and even where your impressions come from. These can be either

From home

From profile

From hashtags

From other

This is a good way to judge how well your hashtags are!

I know I’m sometimes not the best at explaining things but I really hope this blog has given you new insights into the IG algorithm. Please don’t hesitate to question me further on anything you’ve read above, I’d be more than happy to talk 1 on 1 and give advice where I can 💜

Remember not everything works well for everyone, try out different things and see what works best for you and your content!

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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