IG Story Tips

I asked you answered. You said help, so here is some help 😆

We are all aware of how annoying the Instagram algorithm is, things are constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, it can also take us a while to suss out new ways to beat the algorithm.

Below I have listed some tips that will hopefully give you some new information on how to increase you Instagram story growth and therefore increase your overall engagement.

Overall, stories are a good way to keep your followers involved in what you’re up to, with 24 hour insights that don’t have to be posted on your feed. This can be through behind the scenes and teasers of your life / content, building excitement for upcoming content or just engaging with your followers. Posting on your stories daily (a few times a day) keeps your followers engaged and interested. In doing this (having engagement) it tells Instagram that these followers want to see your content and therefore your content will be pushed to them.

Beating the algorithm is basically up to you to keep your followers on the app, this will make the algorithm favour you and therefore make Instagram show your content to a bigger audience.


So unlike when using hashtags on your feed posts, story hashtags can be broad, popular and you don’t have to worry about ranking anywhere (on feed posts you need to think more about what hashtags to use, using a mixture of popularity and nothing over 1million).

Using the text tool (not the hashtag sticker) means you’re able to add up to 10 hashtags on your stories. Once you have your 10 hashtags, pinch them in to make them smaller and then hide them behind a sticker or a gif. Or use the colour picker tool, pick a colour that matches your background perfectly and BAM you have hidden hashtags yet still searchable. BUT don’t make them too small otherwise Instagram won’t recognise them.


Use the location sticker and simply add a location, maybe it relates directly to the content, if not still add a relevant location tag anyway, think where your content will be relevant. Adding geotags means people who aren’t following you may discover you through their explore page.

This tip relates to the tip before, use location hashtags as well.

BUT if you’re posting a story and adding the geotag of where you currently are, wait until you have moved location to post this story. Doing this simply protects your location and safety.

P.S you’re able to swipe the location tag off screen to hide it, or like the hashtags, hide it under something. This just creates a cleaner design without affecting your content being discovered.


Use the features such as polls and quizzes to get your audience engaged in your stories, this is a perfect way of showing Instagram that your followers WANT to see your content.


Instagram will always favour people who use in-app features, especially if they’re new features, do not neglect them, experiment with them and get creative. For example with stories, there is the layout option where you can add multiple photos onto one story.


Just get creative, make your stories eye-catching and create content that your followers are going to be waiting to see everyday. Even though my last point told you to use in-app features, a great website to use is Canva or an app called Unfold both are very easy to use and will help you create beautiful interesting content.

In terms of getting creative with story design. I will create a blog with some hidden tips. 😉

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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