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Hello everyone!

I was hoping to have had more content on here by now (after leaving my job) but I’ve not been very well therefore I haven’t been able to create, however I am back now! I’ve got a lot of content ready to get shooting. As I’m not as active on here, you’re able to keep up with me over on my Instagram or my Tik Tok!

But for now, back to what this post is all about, UptoonFunk! This is a small independent business ran by a lovely girl called Amy, she is based in the North East and creates some gorgeous pieces, ranging from earrings and hair scrunchies to bralettes and joggers.

You have the option of either buying a product straight from her website OR customising you own piece! When customising your own piece you could switch up an existing product on the site or start from scratch where Amy will help you create a piece that is unique for you!

I chose to customise a bralette. Amy was so accommodating and helpful throughout the process and once I received the item she was also completely happy to amend the sizing for me (typical Kathryn messed up the sizing 🙄)

Just look how cute it is!

I also received some of the mini sky earrings. ☁️

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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