Update + New Clothes

Hey there,

It has been a while since I wrote a blog…. One reason is that it’s been a crazy few weeks, very overwhelming and tiring. After being off work for many months and adapting to that life, I’m in the process of adapting back to the working life – but at a ‘new normal’ (lol I dislike that phrase). I’m am however getting my motivation back and I’ve got many ideas on new concepts of shoots and blogs to share with you all.

I’d also love to hear about anything in particular you’d like me to cover or any themed shoots to achieve etc.

Going foward.

2020 has been that year. The year we most definitely won’t forget, we’ve learnt a lot and had our eyes opened to many things that are corrupting the world (I feel like more people are beginning to awaken to everything).

In terms of fashion, I had just started shopping in charity shops oppose to the high street and was pleasantly surprised but due to lockdown that was put on hold (until now). During the lockdown, I had the time to research for online retailers and brands who were either independent businesses or whose values are more in line with those of my own – in terms of sustainability and ethics (the list includes some brands I was already aware of before lockdown).

Brands such as:

I’ve got a notes list on my devices.

Elsie and Fred.

Elsie and Fred is an independent sibling black-owned UK brand who create some gorgeous eye-catching pieces. This is easily seen on their beautifully aesthetic Instagram feed.

I had been eyeing up the ‘Billie Skirt’ skirt for quite some time, one day I was scrolling Depop and found a girl selling the skirt in my size! She was also selling this cute animal print top, so I purchased both.

The top isn’t the most practical as seen in the image, however, I’m yet to try it out over another top or as a cardigan. Some experimenting is pending.

After purchasing these beauties I decided to search www.elsieandfred.com to see what else caught my eye (well as I said, all their products are very eye-catching) but I went ahead and purchased two dresses – I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

The ‘Ronnie Tie Dye Tie Front Mini Dress’ in a UK 6.
The colours in this dress are just wow! The dress fits like a glove and the straps are optional – but I’ve found that they do like to unhook themselves, which would normally be a problem as strapless dresses don’t like to stay up on their own on me, this one, however, does just that!

Then there is the ‘Unapologetic Flower Print Hankerchief Dress’ the print and asymmetrical hem sold it for me whilst the cowl neckline isn’t anything like I’ve seen before (more pictures below). I purchased this one in a UK 4 but I have had to attach some safety pins (and may have to go as far as to sew the dress) as the cowl neckline wanted to hang farrrrr to low! Other than that, this beautiful lightweight dress is a complete winner!

Extra images

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