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Who is Estrid I hear you cry?

Well Estrid is a vegan 5-blade razor. The brand puts your body, wallet AND the planet at the forefront of it’s mind. Not only this but they also donate a portion of each purchase to an organisation called ‘Kvinna till Kvinna’ – who work in 20 countries for a more equal and better world for women.

Estrid reached out to me and offered me a starter kit to try, after doing my research I decided to take them up on the offer, for me personally discovering and promoting sustainable and ethical brands is something I love.

A vegan razor? yes! Did you know, the lubricating strip on a razor blade can sometimes derive from animal products in the form of Lanolin or Glycerin? (yuck).

Their handles are made from steel and the packaging is 100% recyclable, speaking of the packaging it’s beautiful! The colour pallet is stunning and the design is fun and quirky.

Anyone can sign up to a starter kit, after that you’re automatically signed up for a subscriptions on the cartridges (however often you want them- you get 4 each time). You don’t have to follow through with the subscription as you can cancel it whenever you want, but just be aware that Estrid cartridges don’t attach onto any other razors.

The starter kit is £7.95 which includes a handle, wall mount and two 5-blade cartridges. There are currently four colours to choose from Space, Peach, Blush and Cloud.

Below I will go into the history of women shaving.

To be honest I haven’t bothered shaving during lock-down mostly because I wanted to try out the Estrid razor properly but also because I just couldn’t be arse. I’ve been out on my daily walk with unshaven legs and even posted photos on social media with leg and underarm hair.

I sat down the other day and started to research into why women feel they have to shave. I remember getting to a certain point in school where others had started to shave their legs and felt I had to as well, obviously you get told the “everyone says not to start shaving your legs, it’s a bad idea they’ll just grow back darker/thicker” but with the pressures around (and lets face it, the pressure are everywhere in the media and ‘society norms’) you just fall into the trap.

So what did I find out? Well no surprise but it was a man by the name of Gillette who decided to start making razors aimed at women (because he realised he could make money from it) before 1915 women would wear clothes that covered the majority of their body and therefore didn’t have any need to shave but as the fashion industry started changing and hemlines raised, Gillette brought about the first female razor along with very heavy advertising, he and many other hair removal companies realised they could use the changes in women’s fashion as justification for the sudden removal of body hair.

The first advert in 1917.

” A refinement which has become a modern necessity” Is a phrase from another Gillette ad. This made women feel the urgent and necessary need to shave, otherwise they’d be looked at as embarrassing, not groomed and unattractive.

Yes I know this was a long time ago and times are changing BUT the way society looks at women shaving is still very much on the must shave side. At the end of the day I want YOU to know, shaving (wherever) is something you do for yourself, nobody else. Having body hair doesn’t make you any less sexy or beautiful than someone who has shaved it off.

Being confident in your own skin is what makes you beautiful, and remember we have body hair for a reason people, for a reasonnnnn!

Now please enjoy some photos and please don’t be offended by the body hair (😝😝). As you can tell, I went for the peach option, whilst obviously creating an outfit around it.

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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