My First Online Magazine

Colls gave me the idea to use these photos from a previous shoot to make a magazine, so that’s what I’ve done. I’ve also added in some extra content to make it relevant for the situation we are currently in.

Bringing you ‘NINTH MAGAZINE’ This is going to be a concept that I will continue to create and because of this, I needed a generic name that didn’t really mean anything specific, but I wanted it to relate to me. I’m a Sagittarius which is the ninth ruling house and so the name was born.

I’ve decided at the moment that I’ll put out new issues whenever I feel that I have some good content to share – rather than limiting myself to monthly or weekly.

As seen in this issue, I am dedicating a section to introduce you to another creative. So if you’re a creative keep your eyes peeled because I might be contacting you!

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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