Staying In

I’m currently in the middle of my 3 weeks holiday from work, with the plan of spending a week in Barcelona gone, and not really being able to spend it anywhere else worldwide or even UK based. Colls and I have had to make the most of our time – mostly indoors.

I wanted to write a blog anyway of things to do with your spare time but due to our currently global situation, I’ll have to narrow it down to only at-home suggestions.

You’ll see suggestions of things to do whilst indoors all over social media at the moment. Things such as:

  • Self care
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation/gratitude
  • Yoga/home workout
  • Cooking from scratch
  • Relaxation
  • Watching new series or movies
  • Read books
  • Tidy and have a clear out of the house

These are things that I add into my day anyway – as you should everyday.

TIP: You can find almost everything on YouTube, that’s where I find my yoga routines. Account I like include are Yoga by Candace or Yoga with Kassandra

In terms of cooking: The Happy Pear, Rachel Ama, Pick Up Limes, BOSH.TV and Avantgardenvegan.

But Colls and I have added in extra activities such as:

  • Puzzles, board games and brain training
  • Photoshoots (mostly outdoors, but also including one featured in this blog, where we incorporated objects from around the house into the shoot).
  • Learning new skills – YouTube or Skillshare are great for this
  • Purchased from and given to charity shops (they’re currently open).

As we know we are currently in a very uncertain time. As someone who believes everything has reason and purpose we must look towards the positives. We have a lot more time for ourselves and self care so please please take this opportunity to practise this. Also its been said that pollution has dropped due to less transport and industrial activity, water pollution has also decreased, mother nature is slowly being able to breathe better and this is amazing.

There are always ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ in a situation BUT the human race needs big changes to happen, so we can wake up and realise how our actions and lifestyles affect our home – the world.

We used different items to create these effects, a magnifying glass, glass, jar and a mirror.

Underwear set is from Tala (wearetala)

Jacket is old boohoo

Jeans old H&M

And the hat I found when I visited the island of Sark years ago

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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