Why you should be an early bird.

We’ve heard it a lot that a successful person wakes up as early as 4am.

– Oprah Winfrey – Michelle Obama – Tim Cook – Dwayne Johnson

“Some studies have shown that 90% of executives wake up before 6am on weekdays, and nearly 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their workday actually begins.” – Huffpost

I’ve always been a morning person myself and therefore I’m already aware of the benefits of starting your day early. I thought I’d share some knowledge and tips.

Why should I wake up early?

So when it’s advised to ‘wake up early’ this doesn’t have to mean your alarm will be going off at 4am. You should aim to be up at least 1-2 hours before your day actually starts.

Doing this means you’ll be able to experience a more relaxed slow morning without rushing.

Being up early and completing tasks gives you a sense of control over your life, doing small tasks in the morning such as making your bed sets you up for success. It also means you wont a have to try an catch up on tasks throughout the day, if you start early.

“Whether you’re a morning person or not, willpower is highest in the morning, which leads to better decision-making”. – Huff post

Things to do in the morning.

1. DO NOT pick up your phone first thing, in fact leave your phone until at least 1 hour after you wake or after you’ve finished breakfast. If you start looking through your phone you’ll end up immersed in the digital world of social media and emails. This isn’t a productive way to start your day and can distract you from taking some ‘you’ time.

2. Instead, journal write down whatever comes to mind, you don’t need to think too hard about what to write and don’t edit anything, just pick up a notebook and write away. This can really help to clear your mind and solve daily puzzles before they arise throughout your day (puzzles is a better way of saying problems, changing the words you use benefit your mind state).

3. You could also write down some things you’re grateful for, or focus on this whilst doing some meditation or yoga.

4. Something we do not do enough of is stretch first thing, as soon as a cat wakes up it stretches, the only thing we stretch for is our phone. You have to remember you’ve been rather still for hours, so you need to do some gentle stretching first thing to get your body warmed up for the day. Yoga is a great solution as you don’t necessarily have to leave your bed to do it.

5. Drink water!

The night before.

A successful morning starts the night before with a good nighttime routine.

1. Plan your outfit the night before. This is one example of moving a morning task to the evening before, which means you can focus your time exercising your mind and body instead.

2. Set three tasks that you want to complete the next morning before work, these can be whatever you like, this links with the achieving tasks in first thing, set you up for a successful day. Planning the tasks is another time saver and it’s also satisfying to cross off.

When you’re up earlier you’ll fall asleep earlier, but if you struggle to sleep early you can try a few things:

1. Turn your phone and any other blue-light emitters off at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep.

2. Read a book instead of watching TV

How you go to sleep feeling is how you’ll wake up feeling and ultimately you want to wake up feeling grateful and ready for the new day. Something to consider when winding down for the evening is to go back through your day in your head. Be grateful for all the good things however big or small, and when you come across a point in your day that didn’t go as planned, run back through the situation but come up with a solution of how you could have handled it or even avoided it.

Set your intentions for the next day and solve any problems before they arise.

Kathryn Cave

26... Documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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