Halloween 2019

Halloween in upon us, and is by far my favourite celebration out of the year, it always has been.

This year Iโ€™m bringing you some Halloween inspiration in both costume form and also using normal clothing to create an outfit.


Starting with a simple โ€˜fashionโ€™ look where I have used everyday clothes oppose to costume items.
Iโ€™ve styled a skeleton bodysuit over the top of a neon turtle neck with some velour flared trousers, chunky boots, bucket hat, coat and a neon bag.

Originally I had in mind to shoot this look amongst the trees, but we passed this abandoned building on the way and I think the vibe is perfect.

Top, Coat, Boots and Bodysuit are all old H&M Trousers – H&M Bag is old Pretty Little Thing


I created Look 2 using fashion items. Thereโ€™s a lot of Halloween looks youโ€™re able to put together using clothes you already own, rather than buying a new costume, a witch is a very easy one to create.

Shirt and dress are old H&M. Similar dress here


The third look is a sort of skeleton bride/ Morticia vibe. Again I used clothes that I already owned to create this.

Bodysuit, Leggings and skirt are all old H&M. Similar leggings here


For my last look I used an actual costume, this is a ballerina outfit, I just added some bat ears for an extra Halloween effect.

Ballerina outfit – This year H&M. Bat ears – Old H&M

Until next year.

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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