Fashion Era’s

My newest fashion series is recreating the fashion from 5 different eras. As we know fashion trends are recycled and also that fashion crosses over, but in saying all this, each era still had something ‘iconic’ and that is what I have attempted to capture. I achieved this through researching, styling, directing and editing this series.



Mini skirts, mini skirts, mini skirts!

Twiggy was my main inspiration behind this era’s look.

The pattern on the top is actually a 60’s scarf designers pattern- Richard Allen.


Hippies, bell bottom trousers oh and a bit of disco.

When I think hippy I think nature, therefore nature was the inspiration for my first 70’s look – it also inspired the colours I used within the outfit.

For my second look I found my sisters old 70’s costume. Yes it is a kids costume 🤣 I had a lot of fun editing this one.


Neon colours, power suits, costume jewellery, big hair.

The blazer, belt, shoes and jewellery are all actually from the 80’s. Unfortunately the shoulder pads inside the blazer have since disintegrated but the 80’s vibe is still there!


Along with the two looks below, click this link to be taken to my third 90’s look!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jordan’s, flannel shirts, turtlenecks, baggy jeans.

Kangol hats, dungarees, Tommy Hilfiger, gold jewellery.


Bratz dolls were my main inspiration behind this look, mixed with other parts from my childhood such as Pokemon and the powerpuff girls.

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