Getting Early Autumn ready

When you work in fashion, seasons come around way before they actually happen. You start selling and showing the upcoming season whilst wearing the complete opposite, for example we are currently in summer but autumn is fast approaching therefore you’ll start to see jumpers, gloves, scarves etc taking over the industry yet you’ll be shopping wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Due to this I have decided to give you some early autumn fashion inspo. Early autumn is still warm and sunny therefore we wont be ready to fully layer up, but slowly that’ll be happening until we’re wrapped up in jumpers and scarves. Therefore I would say to see this as a September (Autumn) lookbook.

Feel free to re visit this blog when autumn arrives 😛

Most of the pieces I’m wearing are old stock and items you would’ve seen before. I believe we all need to go back into our current wardrobes and rework/reuse items we already have rather than always buying brand new clothes every time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same things more than once.

Joggers are MissguidedLink

Top H&MLink

The rest is old H&M…

Similar boots – Link

Similar bag – Link

Hat is from USC Link

Bodysuit is H&M white can be found in-store, as there is only yellow online – Link

Coat is H&MLink

Shoes are Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX

Trousers are old H&M

Similar trousers – Link

Top is H&M – Found in-store

Joggers are H&M – Link

Shoes are Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX

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