Innsbruck Short Trip

Colourful houses in Innsbruck

In the first week of March, Colls and I jumped on another EasyJet flight, for our first trip this year and this time it was to Austria. We went for four days but due to travelling we only had two full days.

There is definitely more to go back and see!

The first thing I would recommend when visiting Innsbruck, is to purchase the Innsbruck card. You are able to get these for 24, 48 or 72 hours depending on your stay. The prices vary but they’re very worthwhile if you’re planning on using public transport and visiting many attractions as the card covers soooo many things, all for free! (once you’ve purchased the card) You can find out more information here.

Day One.

We stayed at Ibis Innsbruck and I highly recommend this hotel if you’re planning to visit Innsbruck for a short time and need somewhere very convenient.

Convenience is something that this hotel does so very well. It’s position literally seconds away from the bus stops and train station, and is also positioned very close to the shopping/tourist areas.

For this hotel you get bus F from the airport to the train station, which is approx. 3 euros and takes about 20 minutes (this bus is also covered by the Innsbruck Card, which you can buy at the airport shop as long as they have them in stock).

In terms of the room, we paid a bit more to have a ‘mountain view’ which we surely did get, but the mountains are mostly blocked by the buildings, nevertheless it’s still a beautiful view. The only thing I wouldn’t really recommend about the hotel is paying for the breakfast (approx. 13 euros each) we only tried the hotel breakfast on the last morning, but I wasn’t overly impressed, it was a buffet but I felt like it could’ve had more veggie/vegan options.                                    

Other than unpacking, taking lots of photographs and relaxing, we didn’t do much else this day until about 6pm when we went for a walk towards a shopping mall to have a look around and on the way back grabbed a MacDonalds (from inside the train station) although, the veggie option was fish… There is a first time to try everything I suppose!

Day Two.

Tuesday had the best weather out of the week, so we decided to tackle The Nordkette; this is a mountain, which is part of Austria’s largest nature park, it can be reached directly from Innsbruck city centre. Everything we did on this trip was covered by the Innsbruck card (apart from lunch). You get on The Hungerburg funicular to reach Hungerburg, but before you reach here, you’re able to get off at on of the stops and visit the Alpine zoo (one of the highest elevated zoos in Europe). Once you’ve visited the zoo, you can jump back on the hungerburg funicular and continue up to Hungerburg. Here you have Hermann Buhl Square; a little town and a great view over Innsbruck. Through the square is the cable car station. From here there are now two more stops on this journey, this is where the views start to get even more amazing, but you have to be prepared for the temperature drop once you’re off the cable car.

The first stop is Seegrube which is very popular for skiing, and also has a restaurant outside the station. Then up higher is Hafelekar, it’s safe to say it was freezing! and due to all the snow ice and insane wind, it was a little hard to stay standing! There is the option to hike up higher to the highest point of Hafelekar, but due to the weather, we decided against doing this.

On our way back down, we stopped at Hitt und Sohne in Hungerburg for lunch and then made our way back to the hotel to relax before the shuttle for The Swarovski Crystal World came.

I think the last shuttle of the day to The Swarovski Crystal World was around 4pm (again shuttle and entry is covered by the Innsbruck card and the bus stop for the shuttle is below the hotel, next to the train station). We spent a couple of hours here until we could only get the last shuttle back. Looking from the outside you wouldn’t expect to see how big the place is, it’s also so beautiful inside and worth a trip.

Day Three.

We started our day at The Breakfast Club (ironically for breakfast) after staring at the menu for ages it was obvious that 99% of the menu was eggs based, which doesn’t appeal to me so I had the waffles, which were okay….

From checking the weather we knew we only had until about 3pm before it was forecasted to rain, so we walked around the old town doing a bit of sightseeing and souvenir shopping went to a supermarket for snacks and ended at Rapoldi Park to relax outside before the rain hit.

This was pretty much the end of our adventure as we spent the Friday chilling at the hotel before catching our flight home.

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