What happens when another 3 creatives get together?

 On the 23rd Feb, Colls and I went down to London to meet up with Provision_visuals (David). David is a creative based in Ireland, he creates through the forms of photography and videography. The connection started when he contacted me via Instagram last year,  this lead to him turning a photo Colls took of myself, into a motion video (you can check that out here). Fast forward from here to February 2019 and the three of us are sat in Costa, exchanging life stories, knowledge and just having a general chat.

Our destination for shooting content was Canary Wharf but more specifically, Adams Plaza Bridge. We finally reached the bridge late afternoon (after the boys got distracted by a store on the way). Due to it being a Saturday, amazing weather, the popularity of the bridge and also it’s general use; all meant that the bridge would be very busy, leaving very short windows of it being completely empty. All this considered, we were definitely still able to get some great content.

My Outfit

Nike T-shirt – Footasylum

Orange top – Boohoo

Vest – Boohoo

Trousers – Boohoo

Nike Tigers – Footlocker

Colls’ work

David’s work

Keep your eyes peeled for some video footage from the day.

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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