How I’ve Changed My Diet

It’s only been about the past 5 months where I have made a change to my diet, different factors have helped me to make this change, such as:

Talking with friends

General research



*Disclaimer; this isn’t a blog post that is going to preach diet choices to you and to tell you what you should do, it’s just to give my side of healthy eating, and to open more peoples eyes.*

The only way to change your diet is to be open minded to other things, so I currently class myself as pescatarian, but my consumption of fish is very low so basically a borderline vegetarian 😝. I think being a vegetarian has always been in the back of my mind because as much as I ate meat, I ate it because it was cooked for me, and there were many things I just never really was a fan of, such as burgers and then actual slices of meats such as pork and beef. I was always educated that you needed meat in your diet for it to be balanced and healthy. But you can in fact live a healthy life without the consumption of meat or animal based products (eggs and milk).

Now this isn’t a post that is going to go on and on about shaming the consumption of meat, if you want knowledge about what consuming meat does to the environment, for climate change and even to your own physical and mental health, you’re able to find that information online. I recommend watching NetflixCowspiracy (2013)’ and ‘What The Health(2017)’. Cowspiracy is actually produced by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. If watching a documentary isn’t for you, I strongly recommend you check out this link…. Click Here For Some Eye-Opening Facts and for some even more shocking facts relating more to your health… Click here..

I haven’t eaten meat since the end of August 2018, and I can honestly say, I haven’t been ill since then, in terms of a proper cold or worse. Now I’m not saying that meat is the sole reason for this, but with going meat-free, I’ve also tried to be much healthier in terms of my snacks. I consume much more fruit and oat bars, rather than crisps or chocolate but if I have crisps, a lot of the time they will be lentil, quinoa crisps etc and then chocolate will be dark. I’ve also changed my milk in coffees, hot chocolate and smoothies to either almond, cashew or oat milk. Getting away from milk is a lot harder than meat because producers put milk in almost everything (salt and vinegar Pringles for example).

Also don’t forget the obvious – cutting down or even cutting out all fizzy drinks and processed foods. It is worth when buying something, to look into any additives or artificial ingredients that might be listed. I read somewhere once that if something you buy to consume has more than 5 ingredients, it could most likely be full of rubbish (unless you understand and know all of the ingredients listed). In terms of food, less and simple is more.

Another thing I’m focusing on when buying processed products, is palm oil, palm oil is a whole other discussion, but you should really be checking your packages and trying not to buy into anything that contains palm oil, however, more and more companies are becoming aware of this, and making changes, such as the supermarket ‘Iceland’.

At the end of the day, nothing is going to change overnight, but also everything is mostly down to us as a consumer, to change anything, it has to start with us, we have to be the people to change the world, by not buying into or consuming these products which are causing major issues. The more we eat it, the more of a demand there is and the cycle will just continue. Making small changes is amazing, nobody is expecting everyone to go vegan asap.

Some inspo

Dirty Sanchez star turned vegan Matthew Pritchard, Dirty Vegan

M&S Food, Plant Kitchen

Vegan recipes, BBC Good Food

Vegetarian recipes, BBC Good Food

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