Offspring Community Lab

After sitting on a train for 2+ hours on Saturday, we finally made it to Shoreditch and the Protein Studios. This is where the Offspring x Adidas community lab event was being held. The event was about bringing a load of people together, who’ve mostly only ever contacted via the comments section on Offspring’s posts…

So what happens when you put a load of people in a room who’ve only really ever contacted online? Well… Awkwardness, fun, networking and love are some of the things that come about from this. The awkwardness was a big factor at the start because you’d recognise faces but wouldn’t know names, recognise IG handles but not know faces, people recognised you and you didn’t recognise them. Also, the factor of not wanting to be the first one to say hi was there as well.

On arrival, you were handed a tag to write your name and IG handle on, a goodie bag and vouchers for food and drink. The setup inside included a screen printing station, Offspring’s famous front row – where you got your photo taken for your outfit to be judged and a winner comes about from this – a DJ, food and drink, a small tuck shop and a stage where Q+A sessions were held.

The most important thing I gained from this event is networking, and showing love to one another. The event was absolutely packed with a complete variety of people, and with everyone having the same passion it gave such a family feel. I personally made loads of new connections and had such a great time. Everyone was so lovely and complimentary towards each other which just makes for such a great day!

I just want to give a couple shoutouts to some of the female sneakerheads…





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