You can’t wear that…!

Okay so, how many times do you hear people say things like…

“You’re seriously not going to wear that”

“That’s for men, you can’t wear that because you’re a girl”

“That’s for women, you can’t wear that because you’re a guy”

I could write about fashion and ‘fashion rules’ for ages but I thought I’d focus this blog on gendered clothing, and the unwritten rule that you HAVE to ONLY wear the clothes that you find in your gendered section. (🙄)

I have always been into fashion, but my knowledge has expanded and my personal opinion on fashion has become much more openminded throughout the years. I am known for shopping in EVERY section in a shop, women’s, men’s and even kids. I personally do this for different reasons, I shop in the kids section because sometimes the clothes will fit me better, but also because it can work out much cheaper. I also shop in the mens section because a lot of the time the fit of t-shirts are more flattering and comfy, also because I genuinely like a lot of mens clothing. Menswear is renowned for having real pockets! For some reason, clothing brands seem to think all women carry handbags and therefore don’t need pockets, we know that when we pick up a blazer for a example, there is a high chance the pockets will be ‘fake pockets’ and be either for show or stitched up.

Shopping in the other sections no matter what gender you are gives you more choice and you’re therefore not limited and it also creates freedom to experiment, which at the end of the day, is what fashion is all about; Experimenting and expressing your own personal style how ever you want to. Why should we wear what we are told to and made to wear? Why shouldn’t we experiment with fashion? At the end of the day, who really knows exactly what section in a shop you purchased a black t-shirt from.

It’s starting to become more ‘acceptable’ to wear whatever you want and to create outfits in any way. We’ve seen people ‘breaking the boundaries’ with the likes of Jaden Smith modelling in women’s LV clothing. Also in this YouTube video from PAQ, you see how one of the PAQ boys styles their photographer in women’s clothing. We are also seeing brands like Rick Owens down to H&M and Zara doing unisex clothing, showing a male and female model in exactly the same clothing, I actually purchased some of the unisex jeans from H&M and I love them.

One day we might be out of this fashion stigma but until then I say, go out, shop and buy whatever the hell you want to buy, express your style in any way possible and just experiment! It makes shopping so much more fun. You can buy any item of clothing and with a bit of styling, make it look completely different.

Below are just some examples where I’ve worn ‘different gendered/age’ clothing.

I even go as far as to wearing male boxers, because trust me ladies, they’re a hell of a lot comfier than women’s boxers!

Kathryn Cave

24... documenting my life adventures within travel, photography & fashion

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