Sneakerness + Offspring Pick Up

As far as Saturdays go, this particular Saturday is definitely up there with one of the busiest, especially if you happen to be in London on the day… Events included Pride, Wireless and the England match, then for myself, a morning sneaker pick up and Sneakerness right after.

Our day, started with a quick errand run to Picadilly to pick up a ‘rainbow croissant’ for my friends’ workplace. After this we began walking over to Oxford Street, due to Pride, a lot of the roads were closed, which meant it was bliss walking through London without having to use congested pavements! The reason for going to Oxford Street was to pick up my Yeezy 500’s from Offspring in Selfridges, which I had won the chance to purchase (Amiee was also there to pick up her Yeezy’s). So we met up with Amiee and purchased our new kicks, then we walked to a quiet street to unbox and shoot. After shooting it was time to say goodbye to Amiee and for us, time to head to our next destination – Sneakerness.

Sneakerness is an international network of experts and professionals in the sneaker and related kicks market. Switzerland, Russia, the UK to South Africa are just a few places that their team are located. this gives them a range of perspectives on the sneaker scene across the globe.

So in terms of events, Sneakerness throw a 2 day event in multiple different cities around the world, for the first time ever they set up shop in the UK (7th-8th July) at Printworks in London. Tickets ranged from £10-£40 depending on what day or what type of ticket you bought.

The event opened its doors at 12:00 pm, we, however, didn’t get there until about 2:30 ish, after our own eventful morning. So by the time we got there, there weren’t any queues to get in and it wasn’t packed, which is good as you’re able to see everything without being stuck in crowds of people. Once you’ve shown your ticket you get given a purple wristband and are free to explore the event.

Inside the building, there were multiple vendors selling all things sneakers, streetwear and accessories. Amongst the vendors, Crep Protect, Adidas, Footlocker, Swatch and Stance Socks to name a few, had their own stalls. Crep Protect offered shoe cleaning and protecting, Footlocker had a Nike TN exhibition and Stance had a machine that would take your old socks and give you a fresh new pair! Away from all of this, there was another room, set up with 3 screens showing the football match and outside there were about 4 different food & drink vendors.

We strolled around all the vendors, having a look at what they were selling, none of us made any purchases, but as we walked past Swatch, we were invited to their stall with popcorn, lollipops, Pacman, ping pong and a goodie bag. The guys at Swatch were so friendly, we had a chat with them about their custom watches, specially designed for Sneakerness. They also had a mini ping pong table to which Alex and Colls challenged each other to a game (which made it to Sneakerness’ IG) and if you look closely at the pic on their gram, you’ll see me sitting on the side, with a lollipop shoved in my mouth, looking moody af. I can, however, guarantee you, I was actually very happy. 😂

After having a break and a sit-down, I went to get my shoes sprayed by the guys at Crep Protect, who again were so friendly, the guy told me to come back before I left to get the shoes sprayed a second time. Crep Protect is something I have used for a long time now and I would recommend it to protect your new creps!

It was then time to sit down and watch the second half of the England V. Sweden match (I do not watch football, but for the World Cup I have definitely made some exceptions) the best part of watching football is the atmosphere! We were in a room fullllll of people so the atmosphere was great, until…. the stream cut out 5 mins before the end! 🤣 People started leaving, the stream didn’t come back on, but with the help of Google we realised we had won, as it wasn’t on the Tv’s, there wasn’t a big celebration which was quite amusing.

We hadn’t eaten all day so we decided to go outside and see what food there was to offer, we settled for sharing a vegan curry between the 3 of us, and my gosh, it was so tasty! Then it was time to start heading back home, stopping a couple times for some photoshoot opportunities (as usual) before jumping back on the train and going home.

I will follow this blog with a Yeezy lookbook, so you can see a couple of the pics we captured from the day! Keep your eyes peeled for it, in the meantime make sure you check out my IG.



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