Stockholm Day 1…

Back in January of this year, I spent 3 days in Stockholm with my best friend, we both had a week off of work and came to the conclusion of getting out of the country for a bit. Stockholm was decided, so on the 21st January we flew out at 8:00 am to Arlanda airport. From the plane, we jumped on a coach (which we had pre-booked) to take us to Stockholm Central Station. There was just snow everywhere! Which was great because we hadn’t yet had any snow in the UK. What made the snow better is that it was proper snow, the type of snow that would probably bring the UK to a standstill, but out in Stockholm, everyone just went about their daily lives as if there wasn’t any snow!

Once we hit the central station we went in search for food, the first place we stumbled across was a Burger King (with the self-service machines) we munched on that and then made our way to ‘Old Town’… Stockholm has the city centre with all the big shops (i.e H&M) then there is the old town with all the gift and souvenir shops (and our hotel) and then there is the equivalent to SOHO which is home to the vintage stores.

As I stated we were staying in the old town, at the Lady Hamilton Hotel, our check-in was 2 pm, on route to the hotel we stopped in a couple of the gift shops to check them out. The walk from the central station to the hotel wasn’t very long at all, maybe 10/15 minutes and it was a very scenic walk. We were rather taken back by the amount of snow and the masses of ice sheets on the river.

After spending which what felt like forever, trying to work out how to get into the hotel, we finally got in and checked in. All the staff were so lovely and the hotel itself was beautiful, the room came with breakfast, tea and coffee facilities and access to the sauna and ‘relax area’ which had a very very very cold plunge pool, this was free of charge, you just had to book a time slot at the reception. They also provide on most weekends, afternoon tea!

Lady Hamilton – Trip Advisor link

As this was the first day of our trip we decided to just scout out the central town, we had arrived on a Sunday, therefore, the town was rather busy, we did some window shopping along the high streets and then discovered ‘Mood Stockholm’ which is a shopping mall and this is where we decided to have dinner at 1889 Pizza. The food was gorgeous and so was the restaurant!

It was rather dark at this point so we went in search for some snacks to take back to the hotel and then headed back there, watched some TV, then it was time to sleep!

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