Stockholm Day Two…

Monday morning we had breakfast at the hotel (very decent) after breakfast we then booked in for the relax room for that evening.

The plan for this day was that we would explore the south of our hotel (down old town, into SOFO) we googled a few things to do and saw you could go up over the Ericsson Globe in a pod, almost like the London Eye. We went with the option of walking everywhere on this holiday and didn’t use any public transport apart from the airport coach.

As we walked through old town, down extremely icy slopes, nearly falling a good couple of times, we made it to the sea edge. I’d been near the sea before in the UK when it’s been cold, but trust me when I say, it was never as cold as Sweden ๐Ÿ˜‚ (What did we expect it was January) next to the sea edge was Stockholm Palace, we only looked at the Palace and didn’t explore it.

By the time we hit SOFO we were in need of a drink and a sit-down. Now in Stockholm they don’t have Starbucks (cry) instead they have ‘Espresso House’ and I’m telling you now, it’s so much better than Starbucks! The drinks, the atmosphere and even the actual shop layout! I lost count of how many espresso houses’ we saw. We went inside the first one we came across and I ordered a mocha latte with cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallows and it was tastttttyyyy. I literally could have spent all day inside the coffee shop, there were so many different types of seating, it had a calm vibe and there was greenery everywhere. It was also so lovely to be in the warm.

After our pit stop, we continued down to Ericsson Globe, walking alongside some main roads and over a very very long bridge. We made so many stops to snap the gorgeous winter scenes. The globe got closer and once we reached it, we didn’t see one pod go over and then couldn’t work out what we were doing, so decided not to try venture over the top, instead we found a small shopping mall and a supermarket so we bought some bits and headed back the way we came.

As we walked back we were debating what to do for dinner, we just so happened to stumble across Expresso House (๐Ÿ™„) they do amazing salads, so we had a salad and this time I ordered the cookies + cream drink. Again, both were so tasty.

The walk back to the hotel was a very cold and dark walk, yet still so busy on the streets (typical city) When we got back we had a little bit of time to chill before our time slot for the relax room, we got changed into our swimwear and went down.

The room is locked and you’re given a code to get in, inside you had a mini fridge, robes, lockers, the plunge pool, a sauna, multiple places to sit, a phone and menu to order food or drink, and a stereo hookup so you’re able to plug your phone in and listen to music. This room was a really nice touch to the stay, although we didn’t make full use of the facilities because that plunge pool was beyond freezing (as in the name, it’s meant for just plunging it, not relaxing) but that aside, we made the most of the time we had to relax before going back to our room to sleep.

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