Stockholm Day Three…

In reflection from this holiday I knew more planning and research would need to be in place for my next holiday, as on our last full day we again didn’t do much other than visited shops!

We started our day (missing hotel breakfast) in search for a place called ‘Greasy Spoon’ (we’d done a little research into somewhere that does breakfast but also with an English menu) the restaurant was quiteeeeee a way north of our hotel, but nonetheless we set off. We were grateful that we decided to go there, the breakfast itself wasn’t cheap but it was the BEST restaurant breakfast I think I’ve had (yes beating Wetherspoons) that and a hot chocolate was feasted on, but the breakfast itself didn’t half defeat me and it took a while for us to be able to stand up to get going again.

We’d heard it was quite hard to get rid of cash in stockholm as a lot of places now prefer or only take card. Typically we had brought along a fair bit of cash between us therefore wanting to do things that would take cash rather than using our card. We walked to a spa after breakfast but as we got there, they were card only so again our plan for the day didn’t work out and we ended up yes, doing more shopping. So we did some shopping, which included souvenirs for the family and then chilled for the rest of the day at the hotel. As we had done too much walking over the holiday, it was lovely to just chill in our hotel room, eating our snacks and packing up everything for our return to the UK.

Our flight was at 2:10pm the next day, after hotel breakfast we made our way back to the airport via the coach, we reached the airport at 11:30 ish. I always prefer getting to the airport much earlier than later and not be stressing. Although this time we overestimated how long it would take to get there, anyway we grabbed something to eat and drink, then jumped on the plane back to Gatwick.

If anyone is looking to visit Stockholm some places I would suggest visiting that we didn’t get to for various different reasons would be:

The Butterfly House

Stockholm Cathedral



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